4 Different Decking Materials To Suit Every Budget

Posted on: 17 March 2017

A beautiful, expansive deck is a common and much-loved addition to Australian homes. They create a beautiful, open-air living area that allows you to embrace the great outdoors and provide extra living space for your home. Decks can also be a sizeable investment, and the type of decking material you choose will be largely dependent on your budget. Here are four fantastic decking materials which will cater to every budget.

1. Radiata pine for a small budget

Radiata pine is a softwood that's a great option for decking if you're on a tight budget. Although it's inexpensive and not as hardy as hardwood varieties, it's a popular choice because it's from a sustainable, fast-growing timber.

Make sure your radiata pine decking is treated to prevent pest infestation and wood rot. You can use a wide selection of stains and varnishes which will both protect the timber and add a rich colour to the typical pale pine surface.

2. Imported hardwood for a mid-range budget

Hardwood that's imported from many countries in Asia is an affordable choice if you'd prefer a hardwood deck but can't stretch your budget to use Australian hardwood. Imported hardwood comes in a variety of timbers, grades, and shades.

Some imported hardwood can be dubious and may be sourced from old-growth trees. This makes them an unsustainable product and it's worth doing your research on the timbers origins if this is an issue for you.

3. Australian hardwood for a big budget

When it comes to timber decking nothing will surpass the natural beauty and durability of Australian hardwood. Strict guidelines govern the felling of old-growth hardwood trees in Australia, so you can rest assured that it's come from a legitimate source and not from a protected area of forest.

A well maintained and regularly treated hardwood deck will last for many years. The high natural oil content and dense grain of most Australian hardwood varieties make them perfectly suited to endure the extremes of the Australian climate.

4. Composite boards for a deluxe budget

Composite decking has become a popular alternative to timber for many Australian homeowners. Composite decking is made from small particles of wood and plastic which are formed into boards that are imprinted with timber-like grain patterns. The materials used are almost entirely recycled which gives this product the edge over the others when it comes to sustainability.

Although composite decking is the most expensive decking material for the initial cost, it will last a lifetime. It's incredibly durable and will never rot, crack, warp, or give you splinters. Also, it will never need to be sanded, painted, or treated to maintain its appearance which will save you valuable time and money in the future.

Working within your budget is an important part of planning your perfect deck. With these four options, you can have the deck you want at a price you can afford.