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IPP Consultants is a French consulting firm which was set up in 1993. It operates on an international basis and specialises in:

  1. All aspects of agriculture (including technological innovations, support to production, supply chain development and management, agricultural marketing, horticulture, livestock, forestry)
  2. Agribusiness, food processing and marketing, food safety including HACCP
  3. Rural development and food security
  4. Environmental protection and sustainable natural resource management
  5. Fisheries and aquaculture
  6. Capacity building for agricultural producers and governmental stakeholders
  7. Local governance
  8. SME development


The firm has a flexible head office structure

In constant touch with operations abroad, the permanent staff of IPP Consultants is based to the west of Paris in St Germain-en-Laye.


IPP Consultants makes use of a wide and multicultural network of experts

Its expertise is formed mainly of economists, agricultural technologists, agri-business experts, strategic planning experts, trainers, sociologists and computer experts of all nationalities whose common characteristic is extensive experience in development in Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries all over the world.


Project management

The management of development projects in developing countries generally requires on-the-spot assistance to help the authorities in the task of planning, to bring them strategic and technical advice, train them in all aspects of agricultural sector development and to participate in the financial control of operations. IPP Consultants undertakes the management of such projects by providing the required technical assistance teams qualified to manage the project cycle, offering assistance at all stages of a development project, from identification to implementation and evaluation.

The company is managed by Patricia Crombie who graduated at Master’s level from the University of Edinburgh in 1981 and has since built up considerable experience in agricultural and economic development and foreign relations. After several years spent with the British Home Office and subsequently the Foreign Office, based in the UK and in Africa, Patricia worked successively for two French consulting firms, BCEOM and Satec Développement, supervising major consulting contracts principally in the agricultural sector.

In 1993, Patricia participated in the setting up of IPP Consultants, which she joined as Director of Operations. She took over as President of the company in 2006 and now manages the company’s activities in the fields of rural, agricultural and institutional development in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Patricia Crombie

Patricia Crombie


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