Why More and More Australian Homeowners Are Building Carports

Posted on: 8 February 2017

Snow, ice, direct sunlight, strong winds, hail stones and other weather elements can be really hard on a car. The principal reason as to why many people opt to build carports on their residential properties is so they can protect their cars from the elements. A car that sits out unsheltered over the course of a long, hard winter is likely to require battery replacement much sooner than a car that is parked underneath a carport, for example. But protection against inclement weather is not the only important benefit that homeowners stand to gain. Carports can offer homeowners like you so many other noteworthy benefits, including the following:

Easy accessibility 

If you are one of those individuals who wants to avoid the hassle of opening and closing a garage door, you will find a carport to be a very convenient solution for your car storage needs. You simply drive up straight into the carport and park your car, without having to unlock any door. When you want to leave your home, you simply walk into your carport, open your car door and drive off. Thanks to the canopy-like style of carports, there is no need for you to worry about garage door problems that may make it difficult to park your car in the time of need.

Great for use in hot weather

Unlike garages, which can feel equally as hot as other rooms in the home during the hot summer days, carports are an excellent place to relax when indoor temperatures become too hot to bear. Their open design allows for good natural ventilation so that you do not have to beat the heat with your air conditioning unit, which only adds to your monthly electricity bills. When your car is not parked in the carport, you can turn it into a nice outdoor spot for having a barbecue party or dining with your family and friends. 

Protection against criminals

The easy accessibility to carports should not be regarded as a security flaw. On the contrary, it is this particular feature that makes carports really secure. The fact that there are no walls or doors enclosing your car means that it is much easier to spot someone who is trying to steal or vandalise your car. This acts as a deterrence to thieves who may have intentions of making away with your car, or vandals who may want to damage the car.