Not Just for Builders: 3 Moments You Might Need a Skip

Posted on: 16 March 2017

Many of us may associate skip bins with construction projects and building sites, picturing those large metal containers full of bricks and mortar, or other industrial waste.  However, even though this is the dominant association, their use actually extends far beyond rubble and building materials.  In fact, there are plenty of circumstances that a private household may find it useful to hire a skip.  Perhaps there's a time coming up when your family may find it useful to hire one.  Here are just three such times.

Moving House

It's extremely stressful to move home, not least because of the pain of boxing up all our belongings.  Sometimes, we may feel like we're stuffing boxes full of items that we haven't touched in years.  These are things we wouldn't miss or even think about if we simply left them behind.  However, since leaving them behind isn't an option, why not hire a skip?  Chances are that your ordinary bin would soon overflow if you tried to throw out all of your unused possessions as household waste - and who wants to take that many separate trips to a rubbish dump?  Hire a skip as you prepare to move, and you only need take the important things with you.  Sorted.


Ever been refitting your house and ended up with a monumental pile of old carpeting and wallpaper, stuck in the centre of the room until you can find time to drive it to the tip?  It can be a nightmare to work around such a pile, but there's no way it would all fit into the bin as part of your normal waste.  Hiring a small skip gives you a receptacle to place this waste directly into.  No more turning sideways as you step into the room, or awkwardly dodging around it as you paint the walls.

Big Gardening Projects

Preparing to have a pool put in, or to replace your lawn with decking?  You've likely already thought about what you'd do with all the refuse.  Gardening waste is uniquely troublesome, as it can't just be thrown into your rubbish bin.  So - what to do with it?  Well, hiring a skip means that you can simply move your old lawn or out-of-control bushes directly to a contained place.  No mess, no fuss - and no quandary about where it all ends up at the end.

Mostly, it's just convenient to have a designated space for all this rubbish to go into.  It prevents it from becoming a storage problem until you can take time out of your busy schedule to drive it to a professional waste disposal site - and most skip companies will even drop off and remove the skip for you.  For a small fee, that's certainly worth lifting all that stress off your shoulders.