Four Ways to Save on Bathroom Demolition Costs

Posted on: 17 March 2017

The cost of demolishing a bathroom can vary significantly depending on the size of your bathroom and how much you want to change. Together with the cost of hiring a demolition company, the overall quote can be discouraging. How do you undertake a successful bathroom demolition project without breaking the bank? Read on to find out some of the steps that you can take to save on demolition costs.

Get quotes from various contractors

Seeking professional help from a demolition company is one of the best ways to achieve a successful demolition project. Before you settle for a particular contractor, get estimates from two or three more and compare them. Asking for estimates will ensure that you get the best possible price in your area. You can also use the quote from contractor A to negotiate a lower price with company B. As you compare the costs, look into the quality of services as well. Make sure that the contractor is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation.

Deconstruct and donate

Some organizations offer free deconstruction services in exchange for the items that will be salvaged during the project. If you are remodeling your bathroom with new flooring, sinks, bathtub, shower, vanities, and countertops, you can consider looking for free deconstruction services in exchange for the old items. However, note that the deconstruction process may not involve a complete strip-out. You may still have to hire a demolition contractor, but it will cost you less as most of the fixtures will be removed.

Don't relocate fixtures

When renovating a bathroom, you may feel the need to move your shower to the other end of the room or change the location of your toilet. Such relocations require much energy and time, and they will hike the cost of demolition and renovating. If you are trying to make some savings, avoid relocating fixtures unless it is entirely necessary. Replacing the old fixtures rather than changing their location will give you a bathroom the much-needed makeover.

Don't DIY

The need to cut demolition costs can drive you to consider doing the work on your own. Any project that involves changing the structure of your bathroom should not be approached without skill. It can end up costing you even more in the long run. For instance, you can end up damaging a load bearing wall, and this will affect the structural integrity of the entire house. Also, if you hit electrical wiring or plumbing pipes, repairing them can be costly.

Saving on bathroom demolition is easy, but never compromise quality and safety to cut costs. Hire a professional contractor so that you can get the best value out of the entire process.