Home Wiring Jobs You Should Always Leave to the Pros

Posted on: 24 April 2017

If you have no experience with wiring or in working with electricity, you probably want to leave all home wiring jobs to the pros; this is for your safety and to ensure that the job is done right. However, even if you are pretty handy with rewiring small appliances or electrical motors, you don't want to assume that you're now ready to tackle all wiring jobs around the house. Note a few that should only be done by a professional electrical contractor so you know that this wiring gets done right.

Phone and data cabling

If you still have a landline phone in your home or are putting in new data cabling for cable TV or internet signals, these should always be installed by a professional. As with electricity conducted by wires, phone wires and data cables are meant to conduct a certain amount of bytes of information. If you use undersized cables, or a type that isn't able to conduct the level of signals you expect, your cable television and internet may slow down during use. You can also easily overload those cables and damage them or damage your electronics. Have an electrical contractor note how much information your cables can conduct and the speed you expect from that cabling, and they can then install those cables for you.


If the thermostat in your home is not functioning properly, your home's furnace and air conditioner will cycle on and off more often than they should, causing them added and unnecessary wear and tear. Your home may also get overly warm and dry in wintertime or cold and clammy in summertime, so have an electrician install a new thermostat when needed.

Kitchen appliances

As with your home's furnace and air conditioning, poor wiring for kitchen appliances can cause them to malfunction; in turn, they may suffer more wear and tear, or they may not work as expected. For example, your new refrigerator may not get cool enough or may get too warm before it cycles on, and the food stored inside spoils or gets damaged. A dishwasher may allow the water inside to get too warm so that dishes are damaged during washing, and an oven may not properly regulate the temperature as you cook; again, your food is ruined. Rather than risk these inconveniences and this added wear on your new appliances, have an electrical contractor note the wiring they need and connect and install these for you.

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