Water Feature Ideas for Your Next Landscaping Project

Posted on: 25 October 2017

Want to integrate a water feature into your landscaping? Wondering what ideas or supplies you need? There are a lot of options. Check out these ideas.

1. A Pond

A garden pond looks delightful, and it may be easier than you think to create. Basically, you need a hole in the ground. You can hire a landscape to dig that, you can dig it by hand or you can hire heavy equipment to do the work.

Then, line the base of the pond with a layer of waterproof plastic, and finish the edges by framing the pond with large landscaping rocks. If you want to create the sense of a bubbling brook, add a pump.

2. Small Water Feature

If you don't have the space, interest or budget to add a pond, you may want to add a smaller water feature to your landscaping. For instance, you can buy tiered wood barrels that have a pump hidden in them.

The water looks as if it's cascading from one barrel down into the lower barrel. Then, it runs from the bottom barrel back to the top barrel via a small pipe. Barrels aren't the only option. You can get a similar effect with a water feature made out of rocks.

3. Creative Drainage

Stormwater drainage doesn't have to be boring. You can set up your stormwater drainage so that the rainwater appears to run through a creek bed across your yard. If you currently have any French drains in your garden, consider digging them up and replacing them with trails of rocks.

4. Acrylic Waterfall

You can buy a rain effect display and integrate that into your landscaping as well. These can be placed in swimming pools, against the side of your home or anywhere else that you think they look nice.

These features have several acrylic strands. The water runs down the acrylic in a way that creates a fun water sound along with the appearance of a waterfall.

5. Birdbaths

For a simple but classic and timeless effect, you may want to put a birdbath into your landscaping plan. If you hang a birdfeeeder near the birdbath, you may attract a lot of fun birds to your garden, and then you can watch them splashing around in the bird bath.

Consider opting for a stone bird bath that mimics the stones you use in your patio or other parts of your landscaping. That helps create a cohesive look. 

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