Which shed is right for you

Posted on: 8 January 2018

Sheds are a vital feature of your property. Everyone needs somewhere to store gardening tools, children's bikes and all of those odd items that you need but don't have space to keep in your house. Whatever you plan to store in your shed you will need to find a structure that will look good in your garden or yard, yet will be easy to maintain. You could choose to buy a shed in either wood, plastic, or metal. Each of these materials for sheds has advantages and disadvantages. The right choice for you will depend on exactly how you will use the building and how much time you would like to spend maintaining the shed.

Plastic sheds

Plastic sheds are often very affordable. They are also simple to modify if you need to fit a fan or a similar device that requires you to create a hole in the structure of the building. Plastic sheds will also require less maintenance than a wooden or metal shed design. That may sound as if plastic sheds are the perfect choice in all circumstances but there are some disadvantages to plastic sheds which cannot be overlooked. Plastic sheds tend to buckle in the extreme heat which makes them unsuitable for some locations, they are also not as secure as some other shed designs.

Metal sheds

Metal sheds are less expensive than wooden sheds and they are usually sturdier than a similar plastic structure. They will often have aluminium, steel, or iron side panels which are supported by a central metal frame and will withstand extremes of temperature much better than a comparable plastic design. Metal sheds require little maintenance especially if they have been galvinised and coated with paint or vinyl. The most significant problem you are likely to face with a metal shed is rust as all metal sheds will eventually need maintenance to avoid corrosion.

Wooden sheds

Wooden sheds look fantastic. They are solid and traditional and can be painted any colour you prefer. They will stand up to any weather conditions and with proper maintenance will last for a long time. The biggest disadvantage to wooden sheds is their cost. Wooden sheds are normally more expensive than either their plastic or wooden counterparts. Wooden sheds also require a lot more work to prevent damage, including warping and rotting. If you choose a wooden shed you must remember to undertake periodic inspections to check for damage.

Each type of shed could potentially be right for you. Before making your choice you must consider carefully how you will use your shed and how much work you wish to put into shed maintenance.