4 Features You'll Regret Not Including in Your Next Patio Project

Posted on: 6 July 2018

The features of a patio are particularly important, as it's often the only room in a house where family and visitors will go to talk where there is no television, so they can't help but look around during a break in conversation. With so many beautiful patio pictures filling magazines and websites, it can be hard to choose what exactly you want from such a large variety of options. However, there are some things which, if you forget, will leave you kicking yourself. So, what are some of these things?

Overhead Fan

It may sound a bit silly at first. Why have an overhead fan in an outdoor area? And this may be a reasonable reaction, if you don't plan on barbequing under your patio. Imagine having some guests over, sitting at the patio table, with smoke from the barbeque smothering you all. Not fun. In addition, modern fans also add some character to an otherwise boring roof with an incredible number of options available.

String Lights

Another good way to prevent your patio roof from looking mundane is by hanging some string lights. Also being great for making the party a bit brighter and lighting up dark corners like no ceiling light could, string lights are now available in much more environmentally friendly forms. With the always increasing efficiency of LEDs and other highly energy-efficiency lighting options, you don't have to worry about causing the burning of tonnes of coal just to light your patio with a few dozen lights; plus, it's also a good conversation topic if you're ever left looking around awkwardly for ideas.

Clear Roofing

With everyone spending so much time inside these days, whether working, sleeping, or watching Netflix, it's safe to that most of us could use a bit more sunlight on our skin, perhaps you're even a bit deficient in vitamin D. However, by roofing part, or all of you patio with a clear roofing option, such as polycarbonate roofing, you can solve this problem while remaining in the comfort of your patio furniture.

Patio Screens

There are few feelings like helplessly watching your expensive patio furniture getting destroyed by the often unexpected heavy rains that plague much of Australia during winter. No one wants to have to run outside and attempt to push your patio couch further under the roof along slippery flooring to save it from the seemingly horizontal rain. It's much simpler, easier, and probably cheaper in the long run, to just install some patio screens which you can just roll-down during winter months, and roll-up the rest of the time.