Everything You Need To Know When Choosing Glass Splashbacks

Posted on: 3 October 2018

Glass splashbacks are being preferred nowadays by most people. The reasons they are preferred is that glass splashbacks:

  1. Make a place look attractive and classy.
  2. Are easy to wash and maintain. In most cases, you just have to use a clean piece of cloth to clean the splashbacks. This takes a short period of time.
  3. Cannot accumulate mould because they do not provide the conditions for them to grow, unlike other materials where you will find an accumulation of this growth.
  4. Allow light into the room, thus getting rid of darkness. They work where you install clear splashbacks.
  5. Are easy to install.

Glass splashbacks are readily available in the market; you only have to choose the type you need. Below is everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the splashback you need.


Splashback height is of great importance, especially if your space is limited. The best thing to do before buying one is to make sure you measure the height of the area in which you are installing the splashbacks. That way, when you are making a selection, you will be able to give the manufacturer a definite length. For example, cabinet splashbacks will depend on the space left for their installation.

Colour of the splashbacks

Customer preferences vary. The colour preference of one customer will be different from the other. To cater for everyone's needs, the splashbacks are manufactured in various colours. It is advisable to choose a primary colour so that the room is clearly defined by one colour. Installing different colours will make the room look awkward. Some customers will choose transparent splashbacks, while some will prefer the coloured ones, more so if they value privacy.

Quality material

The best quality material recommended is acrylic. You should countercheck to make sure it is not made with just regular polymers. However, some industries manufacture low-quality acrylic splashbacks which end up getting spots after a period of usage. If you are not sure of the material, seek the advice of a professional.

Glass-toughening measures

As we all know, glass is fragile in nature and breaks easily if manhandled. When buying the splashbacks, ask the manufacturer if the glass material has been toughened adequately. A splashback that has been toughened well will last longer because it will not break easily. This will help reduce accidents and cases of replacement.

When one considers the above measures, they are guaranteed to get the best splashbacks available in the industry. Remember to hire a professional during the installation process so that they can be installed correctly.