Why Would You Choose a Design and Build Service?

Posted on: 29 March 2019

Anyone who wants to live in a house that has been built specifically for them rather than move into a pre-built one can go about it in a number of ways. You could do all of the work yourself. Then again, you could ask an architect to draw up a design for you before seeking a building contractor who can take over at the construction phase. You can manage the project yourself or hire someone to do it for you. As such, homebuilders can carefully oversee their project and micromanage it if they want or take a back seat and let professionals do what they know best.

Whichever route you opt for, what are the benefits of using one company to undertake all of the work for you? So-called design and build services are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Read on to find out about why they can be so beneficial for your home construction.

A Full Design Service

Most design and build services don't just carry out architectural drafting for you at the planning stage. They can help with legal issues and planning applications, too, for example. In addition, you can expect the interior design process to be undertaken so that you get a sense of what your house design will look like on the inside and the outside. This could include important details such as where internal light fittings will go as well as basic room layouts.

Expert House Construction

Because design and build firms offer both construction as well as planning services, the two phases are married to one another. Often independent contractors can misinterpret architectural designs during house construction projects. This is not the case with design and build firms, however, which use the same teams for their projects who are used to operating in a cooperative manner with one another, job after job. Where questions arise, they can be answered rapidly helping to keep the construction phase going without unnecessary interruptions. Remember that this approach works well with new build projects, but it is also equally suited to home renovations and house extensions, too.

Economies of Scale

When you wrap an entire house construction project up with one firm, you can often achieve an economy of scale. Because one company takes care of the whole process, costly delays from redesigns or alterations to particular specifications can be handled seamlessly. Very often, you don't need to go the expense of an independent project manager either, because new build projects tend to be handled internally within the overall cost structure.