Reasons Why You Should Have Fire Doors Installed in Your Building

Posted on: 27 June 2019

If you are in any kind of building, you always need to know that you are safe in case of fire breakouts. Fire doors are thus meant to help you feel safe in such a situation since their main aim is to prevent fire incidences. Fire doors should be the first priority during construction of a building as they not only help people around the building feel safe but they also help protect your building from fire breakouts. Below are the reasons you should have a fire door installed in your building.

Prevents Spread of Fire

A fire door within a building is a good way to make sure that. in case of fire, there is a minimal possibility that the fire will spread far. Limiting the spread of fire is the only way to ensure that there is insignificant damage caused by the fire, and this also eliminates the possibility of fire injuries. Fire doors are customized in a way that they can take too long to catch fire. The type of material used is not highly flammable, and this prevents the fire from spreading to different parts of the building. This characteristic of fire doors has helped save a lot of lives and property.

Limits Spread of Smoke

The reasons why fire accidents have a lot of victims is due to the amount of smoke produced by the fire. Inhaling that smoke is very fatal to the human body, as it inhibits the amount of oxygen inhaled into the body—thus making your internal organs very weak. Fire doors are an essential feature to prevent such cases. This is because they are able to limit the spread of smoke and, in such cases, the victims can stay for longer in the building while they wait for professional help.

Detects Fire Early

Some of the fire doors include a system that can detect smoke within a building. They are also set in a way that in case they detect any kind of smoke, the sensors start an alarm that lets people within the building know that there are possibilities of fire. Depending on how large your building is, you can choose the kind of system that is capable of notifying everyone in case of a fire.

Improves Evacuation of People

Since fire doors are capable of limiting the spread of fire, the authorities within the building get ample time to evacuate people from the building to safety. This ensures that very few people fall victim of the fire incident.