How to clean you stainless steel drainage grate

Posted on: 16 July 2019

A stainless steel drainage grate on a floor drain can look stylish and modern, as long as it is kept clean. Fortunately maintaining your grate should not prove too difficult.

Clean it upon installation

Make sure your grate is already clean when you come to install it, and make sure to clean it properly as soon as it is in. The process of installing it could lead to dust or particles settling on it, and you want to ensure that the grill is in perfect condition when it is first set in place.

Use the right cleaner

You will generally find that any domestic stainless steel cleaner or polish will be suitable for your grate (although check the label before using it). You should avoid any other type of cleaner, particularly if it contains acid. Acid can damage the finish of your grate and leave it tarnished or stained, so be sure to stick with a cleaner designed for use with stainless steel.

Be careful with surrounding areas

If you are cleaning the tiles or other surfaces around the grate with an acid-based cleaner, make sure that the cleaning solution doesn't come into contact with the grate. Only a small splash would be needed to affect the finish on the grate. A little care taken when cleaning the rest of the floor will ensure that the grate does not become discoloured thanks to your overenthusiastic maintenance.

Treat tea staining

"Tea staining" refers to a brown stain that can affect stainless steel when it comes in contact with salt or brine, and it often affects outdoor installations in coastal areas. However, it can happen if you are using your drain for salty material. Although it is unsightly, it is not a permanent problem and should clean off with the usual stainless steel cleaner or even with clean water.

Use a stainless steel scourer if needed

If your grate attracts marks that you can't shift by a gentler method, use a scourer designed to clean stainless steel pots. This should shift the more persistent dirt or any stronger contaminants that have managed to build up on the grate. You should then use a stainless steel cleaner and protection spray, which should prevent it from building up again.

By ensuring that your stainless steel grill is regularly cleaned and maintained, you can be sure that it will continue to look good as well as see to your drainage needs.