The Most Common Storage Room Issues

Posted on: 29 September 2019

When you're continually handling large amounts of perishable stock, your more conventional storage means won't cut it. You want something that can handle all that bulk and keep it in perfect condition. That's why freezer rooms are essential when it comes to stock that requires refrigeration. They allow you to keep your stock fresh and in excellent condition over long periods.

Although most freezer rooms are manufactured to last a long time, they will eventually experience wear and tear over time, and all issues must be quickly identified and fixed. If you don't make repairs, you could be looking at massive losses from spoiled stock and increased electricity bills. So what problems can arise when you have a cold storage room? Take a look at a few:

Broken Cold Room Pump

Freezer rooms use cold air to keep the food stored inside fresh. The job of a cold room pump is to remove heat from the room, keeping it clean and fresh. When it breaks down, heat will build up in the room. Sudden pressure differences or a change in power consumption can be indicative of a broken cold room pump. It should be taken care of as soon as possible as it could lead to severe deterioration of stock.

Broken Seals

Freezer rooms rely on cold air to keep the food inside fresh. While the pumps remove heat, seals work by preventing the cold air from escaping, and this maintains the perfect temperature. A broken seal will allow the cold air to seep out and warm air inside. The room will then have to use more energy to keep the air cool, and as more cold air seeps out, more energy will be used to bring the temperature down. This cycle will doom you to bloated electricity bills and spoiled stock, so it's essential to fix it as soon as possible. You don't have to replace the entire unit, though; replacing the seals will fix the problem.

Too Old

With proper care and maintenance, a cold storage room can last from between 10 - 20 years. Freezer room construction is geared towards longevity, after all. However, functionality reduces with age, and an older unit won't operate as efficiently as a new one. Plus age brings with it the risk of break downs and even total failure. So if your freezer room is a little advanced in age, it would be better to replace it to avoid these issues. 

If you're running a business that relies on refrigeration, repair and maintenance are crucial. Issues such as broken pumps, broken seals and advanced age can significantly affect how your freezer room runs. Proper maintenance will keep your stock fresh and will save you a ton of money by keeping spoils to the minimum.