Reasons Why You Should Install Indoor Window Shutters in Your Home

Posted on: 17 October 2019

The popularity of window shutters in Australia has been steadily increasing. They are attractive, they are easy to install, and they are able to be customised to fit in different sizes of windows. Depending on your needs, the window shutters are great alternatives to the standard shades and blinds. Here are the significant reasons as to why you should install window shutters in your home.

1.   Longevity

When compared to the fabric blinds and drapes, shutters do not fade due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Modern materials for shutters are durable; they do not peel, and they do not fade colour even after a long period of using them. 

Shutters do not go out of fashion, meaning when you install them once, you will not replace them anytime soon. However, if you accidentally damage them due to human error, you can purchase new shutters, but you will not need to replace the mountings.

2.   Added privacy

Interior shutters darken a room entirely. They are usually fitted on the window frames, and the light that streams through the shutters is minimal. If you want full lighting in your house, you only need to open the interior shutters completely to allow light to pass through the window. 

The lighting control is perfect for people who suffer from migraines or those who need to take naps in the house, while still getting some sunlight.

3.   Variety of styles

Unlike the regular curtains or drapes, window shutters come in many forms. Some designs can cover the whole window while some only cover half windows. Some panels open fully like a closet, while others bi-fold, meaning you can decide on how you like them to be. The shutters come in different colours and sizes, and this provides a wide array of options for users. Custom designs are also available for different seasons.

4.   Aesthetic appeal

Shutters give a home a classic and upscale look, which adds charm to your house. Visible from the streets, shutters will give your house a more refreshed appearance. When you install them, you will not have to worry about adding more decorations to your home. As a bonus, the shutters are so appealing that they would be a perfect selling point should you decide to sell your house. 

Window shutters are an excellent upgrade to the old blinds and curtains. Hopefully, the above reasons will make you consider purchasing them for your house.