3 Storage Systems That Could Increase the Efficiency of Your Industrial Warehouse

Posted on: 21 April 2020

If you plan to construct an industrial warehouse, the big question won't be how big it should be, but how organised and functional it could be. One way to make your industrial warehouse more practical and efficient is by constructing the right storage options. Since warehouse storage systems are an incredible capital investment, you should hire competent industrial construction companies to help you design them in a way that doesn't contradict the warehouse design and its floor plan. Since most warehouse storage systems come in different categories, let the industrial contractors help you choose the right one based on your industry needs and the layout and flexibility of your warehouse. Here are some of the storage systems to consider when constructing an industrial warehouse:

Movable Cabinets or Shelving

If you intend to store items that would be picked or placed on the shelves manually quite often, you need an adjustable storage option. In this case, movable shelves are the best storage system since they don't take much space, and they allow you to store more items. Experienced industrial construction contractors will mount the shelves on the rail or carriage systems in a way that would increase the accessibility of your inventory and enhance productivity. Most contractors use mechanised or even manual level tracks when making constructing movable shelves, depending on the warehouse efficiency expected. To help control how the inventory would be accessed, the industrial construction contractors could install level tracks that have locking systems.

Pallet Storage Racks

If you intend to construct a large industrial warehouse, pallet racks could be the most efficient storage option to install. Pallet racks are an excellent idea for warehouses that handle or store inventory in large quantities, and they can be made using plastic, metal or even wood. If you expect to receive large inventory boxes, you could use an automated system or forklift to place them on the pallet racks. You can choose drive-through, coil, carton-flow, narrow-aisle, push-back, double-deep or shuttle racks, depending on stipulated weight restrictions and the infrastructural adjustments you might make in the future.

Wire Storage Cages

Wire cages or partitions are among the high-tech storage systems you can install in your industrial warehouse today. With strategic placement, these storage cages can increase the safety and efficiency of your warehouse. Besides being easy and quick to install, the storage cages are durable, and they don't require expensive maintenance. If you intend to construct some temporary offices on the floor of your warehouse for the management or operations team, wire cages will make it easier and more practical.

When constructing an industrial warehouse, storage is among the critical aspects you can't overlook. Since you might not know which storage system would increase the efficiency of your warehouse more than the others, you should consult the industrial construction contractors for help. They consider the purpose of the warehouse and its layout when designing a storage system, and they don't determine its efficiency based on how much money it would cost to construct it.