Planning for the Installation of Your Glass Shower Screen

Posted on: 4 December 2020

Installing a glass shower screen is an ideal approach for improving the functionality of the bathroom. In simple terms, this partition will ensure that the rest of the space remains dry. Therefore, you will be able to use the rest of the area for other purposes like dressing and storage. Also, the feature will improve the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Besides, it will enhance the ease of keeping the space clean. However, you must make the right decisions to promote the best results. Here are guidelines to help you plan for the installation of your glass shower screen.

Think about Repairs

When planning for the installation of a shower screen, you should think about conducting repairs in the entire bathroom. It is not advisable to place the new feature while the rest of the space is falling apart. If you do, you might not be able to set up the screen correctly and it might not remain stable. Therefore, you should assess the bathroom for damage, especially leaks. It is crucial to make sure that the flooring is adequately waterproofed to prevent moisture seepage. Also, look at the walls because they will be indispensable in providing support to the shower screen. Additionally, ensure that the bathroom is well-graded to allow efficient drainage of water in the bathroom, especially within the shower screen area.

Measure the Space

Proper measurement of the space is crucial before purchasing materials for your glass shower screen. Poor evaluation of the dimensions of the bathroom will lead to an unsuitable shower space. Ideally, you should measure the entire bathroom to establish the total area. Then, you should determine the specific section where you would like to install the screen. Consider the dimensions of the bathroom and choose the most appropriate measurements for the shower space. As you create your design, you should remember limiting factors such as the shape of the bathroom, the opening of the shower door and plumbing issues.

Purchase the Supplies

Finally, you should plan for the purchase of the supplies for your glass shower screen. The primary products that you will need to acquire are glass panels and the connecting hardware. The glass panels can be clear, translucent, opaque or decorative, but you must be keen on the thickness. If you are uncertain about the most durable options for your bathroom, consult your specialist contractor. The hardware should provide support to the screen and match the design of your space. For the best results, ensure that the connectors are corrosion-resistant.