The Advantages of Using a Plant Hire Company

Posted on: 5 April 2021

Some construction projects require heavy lifting equipment to help get the job done. This is where plant hire comes in. Plant hire can be on-site or delivered to a construction site and can include things like cranes, excavators, cutters, buckets and tippers. This article explores the benefits of using a plant hire service when working on a construction job.


When considering plant hire, there are a number of factors to be considered. The first and most important is insurance. Hire companies that have the relevant licenses and cover all insurance costs for plant hire. This means that if anything happens to the machinery or if a piece of equipment is damaged, you can rest easy that this is covered by the insurance policy.

Access to Equipment

Without having to purchase or lease heavy machinery it is possible to access equipment quickly and on a short-term basis for construction projects. If you need equipment now but don't want to commit to owning the equipment, then you have two choices — lease or hire. You may want access to complicated machinery which you never intend on using again; if this sounds like your business, then you should consider hiring as leasing can be costly especially if your construction project consists of one-off projects.

Risk Management

Plant hire firms provide plant and machinery that is already in full working order. This means that the risk of your construction project failing due to a piece of plant breaking down on site is minimal. Before renting or leasing any equipment, it is essential to have a plan B in place as this may be necessary if your current machinery breaks down. There are no worries with plant hire, as they will be able to supply a replacement machine if the one they hired out to you breaks down.

Information and Knowledge

Plant hire firms have lots of knowledge and information about the different types of plant and the uses the equipment can be put to. Whether your construction project requires a single machine or an entire fleet of machines, there is plenty of advice available at an affordable rate. If you would like further advice or information about this subject, you should reach out to a local plant hire company today. A member of the team will be happy to offer all of the help and assistance you may need. 

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