What You Should Know About Concrete Sleepers Being Used in Construction

Posted on: 12 November 2021

If you are interested in concrete sleepers and how they are used in construction, it might be because you're about to start a structural steel building project. If you're new to structural steel construction, then you might not be entirely familiar with concrete sleepers. These are some of the things that you are going to want to know about this equipment.

They're Used in Other Industries, Too

Although you might know that concrete sleepers are commonly used in structural steel construction, you may not know about the other ways that concrete sleepers are used. However, they are used in other industries. For example, concrete sleepers are well-known for being used when railroads are being constructed.

There Are Wooden Sleepers, Too

Of course, you don't actually have to use concrete sleepers if you don't want to. Occasionally, builders use wooden sleepers instead of concrete sleepers, even when building structural steel buildings. However, concrete sleepers are more common and have a lot of advantages over wooden sleepers. Once you compare the two, you will probably find that concrete sleepers are what you want to use on your building project.

They Can Be Made On or Off-Site

Typically, when concrete sleepers are needed for structural steel construction, they are delivered to the job site in ready-to-use condition. However, in some cases, concrete sleepers are made on-site. For example, this is something that is done when very large concrete sleepers are needed. That's because it can be easier for a concrete company to make them on-site than to make them elsewhere and then transport them to the construction site. Your construction contractor and the professionals who will be providing the concrete sleepers can talk to you about the best option.

They're Incredibly Stable

You could be wondering why sleepers are needed at all, or you might be curious about why concrete sleepers are typically considered the best option in structural steel construction. The truth is that concrete sleepers are typically very well-known for being incredibly strong, stable and durable. Because many structural steel construction projects are done to build big, heavy-duty commercial or industrial structures, having nice, strong sleepers that provide a stable base for construction is very important.

They're Great for Fire Safety

One reason why people like building with structural steel instead of wood is the fact that structural steel buildings are typically considered to be fire safe. If fire safety is something that you're concerned about, then you will like using concrete sleepers, as they are typically well-known for being more fire-safe, too.

For more information about concrete sleepers, contact a contractor.